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Optical Fibre Pigtails

Ultimate Fibre & Comms stocks and distributes a wide range of carrier grade factory terminated and tested fibre optic pigtails assemblies.

Commonly used in data centres, telecommunications rooms and fibre equipment patching these fibre optic leads are available in Single-mode (OS2) and Multi-mode (OM1, OM3 & OM4) and popular combinations of LC, SC & ST

Pigtails are stocked in easy to use 12 packs, with each of the twelve pigtails having individually coloured fibres to match a typical 12 fibre cable. This makes installation and identification a breeze.
Colours are industry standard IEC colours (blue, orange, green, brown, etc)
Special colours and/or combinations are available on on request.

All pigtails are factory fitted and machine polished ensuring optimum quality and performance and are fully tested and inspected using standards based testing procedures.



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